Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Facebook and how to use it in the coming months...

Something I've been mulling over...

Take a look at your friends list. Who's on it? Is it diverse? I'm not talking politics, I'm taking human beings?

Originally, my list was pretty writer friendly because I used to write professionally. Then I stopped. When I did that, I whittled my list down to mostly people I knew personally and/or admired.

Since my list was no longer contingent on my writing persona, I got very insular and private and screened new request very strictly. This was my private page with pictures of my son and private moments. Chances were if you were a writer I didn't know and you requested, I deleted it. If you weren't and I didn't know who you were, I deleted it.

Then Donald Trump happened. And interacting with those "people" made me value my privacy even more. I locked my profile down, and someone not friends with me couldn't glean much about who I was. Before I locked down my profile, they'd take a look at what was public and then try to use it. When I locked everything down it was amusing to see these trolls flounder when they couldn't see my profile and gain any ammunition.

Then November 8 happened, and our world changed significantly.

I've never done much with twitter, but I've found it to by my way of dealing and it's helping. And I plan on using the fuck out of it for the next 1380 days (or whenever he gets impeached) and doing what I can to listen, hear, and amplify voices that need our help in being louder.

Now, I realize insulating myself was the wrong move to make. I need to hear voices, I need to hear ideas, I need to connect with my fellow Americans who are fighting now. The marches, the protest. We all need to hear them, help as we can, including marching, if able, contributing financially. We all have a role to play.

I will work on my Facebook becoming more diverse, but it's still going to be locked down. At this time, I feel twitter is more conducive to being heard, I'm just preaching to the choir here.

We need to listen and hear...

Take a look at your friends list, are those voices there? Are they being heard?

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