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The second book in the Gibson Blount series. THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS (Blount #1) is available from Grand Mal Press Amazon Audible

Thaddeus Archer is an ex-police officer whose missing daughter holds the key to the mysterious force that threatens to lay waste to what’s left of our world. It’s a race against time for the broken and desperate Archer who must trust the only man who understands what’s happening, Gibson Blount, an agent of a secret government agency that doesn’t officially exist.


As their world spirals into chaos both men must overcome their differences and personal demons in a world besieged by the re-animated dead, natural disasters, and elder god set on destruction.

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"John Grover and R. Thomas Riley consistently deliver thoughtful tales of terror and the supernatural. Writers whose works build a keen sense of fear and suspense, Grover and Riley tell a well-crafted story with sharp edges and subtle beauty. Definitely recommended!" - Christopher Fulbright, author of OF WOLF AND MAN and THE BONE TREE

"Mix one part Lovecraft, with a liberal sprinkling of demons and a pinch of nuclear holocaust and it creates a true recipe of horrific proportions. Grover and Riley have constructed a human wasteland of such proportion that HP [Lovecraft] himself would grab his head and scream. Come and read the next "Iron Chefs" of horror." - Scott T. Goudsward, author of TRAILER TRASH and SHADOWS OVER NEW ENGLAND

"Riley and Grover have crafted an excellent thriller that never fails to keep one guessing. Evenly paced and grim, this one doesn't fail to deliver a kick from the shadows when its least expected. These are two names that a casual reader will ask, what else have they done?" - Steven L. Shrewsbury, author of STRONGER THAN DEATH, HAWG, BAD MAGICK and THRALL.

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"The Flesh of Fallen Angels made three hours at the dealer getting my car fixed DISAPPEAR! Yay you! Best damn time spent on a Kindle ever!" - Douglas Wojtowicz, Author of Don Pendelton's The Executioner, Patriot Acts, among others and James Axler's Outlander, Infestation Cubed, among others. 

"Booth and Riley drag us kicking and screaming into a world of nightmares. A thrilling read!" - Iain Rob Wright, author of Animal Kingdom

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Praise for the book: 

“Riley is dark and disturbing. The Monster Within Idea pulled me into his horrific world and I loved every minute of it.”
—John Grover, author of Space Stations and Graveyards, A Beckoning of Shadows and the upcoming Angels, Ashes and Alchemy

“The Monster Within Idea is a fun ride, dark, disturbing and well written. Riley started off strong and is only getting stronger. Highly recommended!”
—James A. Moore, author of Deeper and Cherry Hill

“A natural storyteller with a concise voice, R. Thomas Riley truly entertains in this collection. Unsettling at times, truly compelling, Riley’s moody & wild tales kick hard and crank the appetite for more.”
—Steven L. Shrewsbury, author of Hawg, Tormentor and Godforsaken

“R. Thomas Riley is a rising star. When you see those zombie and vampires digging their way up from the grave, and you see that hand break the surface of the earth, the backdrop a tombstone, you see one on his way up--that's a guy named R. Thomas Riley.” — Robert W. Walker, Kindle Bestselling author of more than 40 novels, including the Instinct series and Edge series

“With the eponymous story [ R. Thomas Riley ] manages to create, in just four short pages, what Stephen King tried to hard (and ultimately failed) to do with The Colorado Kid, an utterly captivating yet completely unsolvable mystery that doesn’t resort to any cheap cop-outs. Concise, confident and bewildering as all holy f*%@, this is how to do it. A pure experience of paranoia and horror of the truest Lovecraftian sense, this bastard kicked my ass all the way to next Tuesday.”
— Anton Cancre (

“Creepy, visceral and evocative stories than make you grin while your skin puckers in goose bumps. They lead you to the edge of the precipice and then drop you over to a satisfying conclusion—be it a sudden crash at the end or the revelation of wings.”
 —Jennifer Brozek—editor of The Edge of Propinquity

“…You’ll find yourself tearing through this book as if your life depended on it…”
K.D. Payne ( 

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Their Last Dying Acts captures the true essence of the horror genre displaying the breadth and depth of an author’s imagination. Riley does not hold back on the horror as he leads the readers through tales that feature monsters, both the imaginary and human kind, and horrific circumstances that can occur either in the darkest corners of the night or the brightest sunny day. 

From splatterpunk to psychological, from a snapshot of real life horror to a “Twilight Zone” unreality, these stories show the genius of a writer who can adapt his writing to wherever the story takes him. With stories like, Surveillance, a gritty police story, featuring a robot who would be man--a thoughtful allegory about racism in our society, very well-disguised and Heal Thyself, a story about the use of religion as a means of deception and the old motto of "What goes around, comes around”, to No Strings Attached, a weird and thought-provoking story worthy of an episode of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone. Nowhere is safe in the imagination of R. Thomas Riley.

“…Captures the true essence of the horror genre.” Horrorworld

“If you like your short fiction bleak, dark and wonderful, Riley will take good care of you.” John Sunseri, author of SILENCE IN HEAVEN and others 

“Riley's style is gritty and realistic and works perfectly…” John Grover, author of CREATURES AND CRYPTS and FEMININE WILES 

“A writer that has studied his Rod Serling, channels just the right amount of Edgar Allen Poe's ghost, and taps that same Southern gothic vein that Joe R. Lansdale has been so blissfully strung out on all these years.” Matt Wallace, Author of THE NEXT FIX 

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R. Thomas Riley is best known (or hopelessly unknown, as he likes to say) for his short story collection THE MONSTER WITHIN IDEA, previous published by Hugo Nominated Apex Publications. After a decade of writing horror and dark fiction, it's time for something a bit different...

Lisa McCarthy, author of THE BUTTERFLY WALTZ, has already succeeded beautifully with a well-written, thought-provoking, wrenching study of a disintegrating marriage and the fight to save it. The sex scenes were written with skill and attention to detail, and there was hardly a wasted word in this piece.

These stories were designed to be uncomfortable, to explore the darker psychological side of sex and relationships (we're horror authors after all!), and to bring something a bit deeper to erotica. Sex, sex, sex, and more sex, with a darker tone, rambling down some fairly dark alleyways.

Sex addiction, stalkers, deviant sexual experiences, threesomes, male/male/female, bondage, S&M, even a Lovecraftian science fiction piece, it's all packed in this collection.

Simply put, OF FLESH AND SKIN is not, and was not designed, to be your typical erotica short story collection.

Dark, Psychological, Erotic, Romance Stories | Approx. 20,000 words 

NOTE - *Book contains sexually explicit scenes and situations*

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